Why you shouldn’t ignore getting a mammogram because of COVID-19

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Dr. Jennifer Tittensor from Timpanogos Regional Hospital joined Reagan on Good Things Utah to talk about the importance of having a mammogram even during the pandemic.

Urgent healthcare needs unrelated to COVID-19, including mammography and other testing procedures, should not be ignored even during this time of increasing case counts. The risk of missing cancer and not addressing the issue early is potentially more life-threatening than the risk of COVID-19.

Facilities such as MountainStar’s Timpanogos Regional Hospital, where Dr. Tittensor handles cases, are highly trained in dealing with infectious diseases. Additional screening, testing, and masking are all enhanced precautions that have been in place for months. MountainStar’s hospitals are vigilant when it comes to following all guidelines from the CDC and the State of Utah in order to protect the best interests of the general public. When they are open for business, it is because it is safe to come in.

That’s why they are still recommending getting your mammogram and other life-saving procedures. You should not ignore the rest of your healthcare needs due to worries about this virus.
Call (801) 714-6548 to schedule your mammogram or go to timphospital.com/mammogram.

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