Edible landscaping describes a hybrid approach to landscaping and gardening, using food plants in conjunction with ornamental or decorative plants to create and enhance the lawns and gardens around your home.

This approach doesn’t just beautify your home; it also provides you with a bountiful harvest of fruit and vegetables for your family to enjoy. Annual vegetables and fruit trees need a great deal of sun and rich soil. Consequently, they could be paired successfully with other sun-loving plants like marigolds, lavender, or daisies.
Other edibles like herbs are suitable for drier, rockier soil, and might do well paired with deciduous shrubs and ferns. Do your research and you’ll end up with a healthy and successful garden. Keep in mind that edible plants often require more care than ornamental varieties, not only with maintenance but also in the form of harvesting and cooking or preserving the food.
By starting small, you can get an idea of the amount of work you will need to put in to care for the plants. You can always scale up and spread the edible landscaping to other areas of your garden next year.

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