Why weight-loss treatments and diets usually fail

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Doctors for years have told their patients that weight loss was simple – just eat less and move more. The reality is that weight loss can be a lot more complex than that. There are a lot of underlying health conditions that can make weight loss extremely difficult if not impossible if those health conditions are not addressed.

If you have the wrong kind of bacteria in your gut, you’ll gain weight no matter what. It turns out that these bad bacteria convert more of your food into sugar than the good bacteria. It’s completely unfair. Two people can eat the same food and one will gain weight and one will not.

Toxins, hormone imbalances, infections, nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, insomnia, candida, exhaustion, emotional issues, or ten other things can be thwarting your best efforts to lose weight. At Pur Life Medical, they first identify what underlying and often hidden health problems you might have, then customize your perfect weight loss plan that addresses all of them at once.

After just the first session at Pur Life Medical, you are guaranteed to lose 2 to 4 inches from your waist. For a limited time, Pur Life Medical is offering a personalized weight loss consultation, a full-body health scan, and an inch-loss laser treatment all for $59.

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