Why the holidays are more difficult for people with addiction

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The holidays can be especially difficult for families and loved ones who are suffering from addiction, but there is support, resources, and help available. Addiction is a life-threatening brain disease that has the capacity to take away a person’s free agency. The brain targets the drug of choice as survival and makes a person feel as though they can’t survive without it. Addicts really need an advocate and research actually shows family members provide the best leverage to help a loved one get help.

Renaissance Ranch offers five online Zoom family education classes a week to help families know how to help their addicted loved ones and themself. Classes are free to the public, online, and a click away.  If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call for free advice or to get the zoom link for their open family education classes.

In addition to clinically proven and evidence-based treatment, Renaissance Ranch uses a faith-based approach, combined with spiritual principles as they relate to addiction. In their experience, the most successful treatment programs utilize these best practices. In fact, our outcomes are among some of the best in the country!

Visit Renaissance Ranch to learn more.

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