Staheli Farms is open this year with all their best attractions and most events still planned for the Fall. However, tomorrow is their biggest event of the season!

If you want to have some family fun for Halloween, all ages will enjoy wandering in their huge corn maize! Take a map (or don’t!) and find your way out. Make a game with your group, form teams for a race, or just enjoy getting lost. Any way you go through the maze you’re sure to come out with a smile. Also at the farm is their most popular attraction; The Field of Screams! In this haunted activity, you make your way through their field of screams. With jumps at every turn, you never know who you might run into, or who might run into you. It is completely separate from the regular corn maze too.

Don’t forget to get your pumpkins. It’s great to pick your own pumpkin and take a classic fall photo.  Staheli Farm’s pumpkins are fresh and plump, re-stocked weekly. You can purchase the tiny ones for pies, and weigh the large ones for jack-o-lanterns. Speaking of pumpkins…

The biggest event this year at Staheli Farms is always the Pumpkin Drop. Each year they drop pumpkins to smash out different causes. This year they are dropping our biggest pumpkin to “smash out suicide” and bring awareness. Don’t miss the big finale of the year. The Giant Pumpkin Drop is Saturday, October 31st at 2 pm. Come see giant pumpkins get lifted high in the air and dropped on cars, refrigerators, and more. Entry to the farm is required to see, but it’s an amazing event for all ages!

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