A drive-through car wash is quick and easy, but a mobile detailing service puts the personal and professional touch into caring for your car that will extend its life and value. And it comes to you? Sign me up.

You can learn more about services offered by DDK Detailing, a mobile car detailing service, like multi step washes, chemical and physical decontamination of your car’s paint, paint sealant, cleaning and dressing of the wheels, wheel wells, and tires and much more at DDKDetailing.com. Click below to learn more and mention ‘GTU’ at purchase for 10% off.

Protecting your investment

One of your biggest investments, and even money makers, is your car. You need to consider if a car wash is going to help you or hurt you in terms of the car’s value. A normal car wash leaves joints, cracks, nooks and small places dirty where it can wear down paint and the exterior materials of your car. A professional detailer will personally clean every inch of your vehicle with highly protective tools and cleaners.

Car wash vs car detailing

An automated car wash can be a problem when it comes to how dirt is removed and dried. If done without specifically designed materials used for the drying cars, dirt and sand will scratch the paint and surface of your vehicle. Picking up dirt completely and drying your car immediate is essential to avoid the damage from Utah’s hard water that sits on the car’s exterior. A detailed and meticulous cleaning with extend the life and value of your car.

Options for Exterior Detailing start at $110.

Fully mobile detailing

DDK Detailing has a fully mobile system that includes power washers and ceramic coatings. They are able to meet you and apply different types of paint sealants to the car’s body which will last up to weeks, months or even years. The detailing process covers the entire car from the tires, fender wells, underside of the car, to the glass, roof, and all plastics.

Maintain resale value with interior detailing

Don’t forget the benefits of interior detailing. We all can attest to the fact that the inside of our cars can get beat up as much as the exterior. Between our own mess, kids and pets, the inside of your car could use special treatment from a professional as well and it will need it in order for the resale value to be at its highest.

Precision of interior detailing

The need to clean the inside of your car can also be a matter of hygiene. Food is always found in cracks, crevices, and on the floor. Car interiors are also a hotbed for germs. Detailers like DDK Detailing take the time to clean in places you don’t even think about and to spray every touch surface killing germs on contact.

Here are just some of the interior areas cleaned: headliners, plastics, underneath seats, sides of seats, door panels, door jams, and glass. Other services include vacuuming and application of UV ray protectant. A monthly cleaning with keep the interior up to standard starting at $80 or Interior Deals start at $110.

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