(Good Things Utah) – If you’re wondering if the right flooring can actually increase your home’s value, the answer is a giant, YES.

Looking at flooring choices can be a surprisingly exciting part of the home-buying, remodeling, or building process. However, choosing something brand new for a custom home is probably the most rewarding and nerve-wracking experience out of them all.

The countless variations of styles, textures, and colors can really liven up your home, giving distinct personalities to different rooms. Today, Josh Lee with Fieldstone Homes sat down with Nicea DeGering to talk about flooring and why it’s important to get it right.

Setting the Tone with Flooring

Flooring sets the tone and pallet for a room. It’s the anchor to your room’s entire design. When anyone walks into a room, the flooring can affect their impression of the space almost immediately.

Flooring not only serves a functional purpose but also helps establish the style and “feel” of a room.

Flooring has the ability to make a space appear cooler/warmer, larger/smaller, and of course cheaper/more luxurious. Choosing the right flooring can make your home truly unique, so make the choices that will make you smile every day as you spend time in your favorite spaces.

High Quality Flooring as Always a Good Idea

In consideration of budget restrictions, it’s important to have a sort of balance in your flooring choices throughout the home. For example, you can put premium flooring in the areas that are most important to you and use more affordable options in other areas. 

Your kitchen, mudroom, and hallways usually receive the most foot traffic, so it’s a smart decision to outfit these rooms with a durable floor material that can take a beating.

Higher-end options like, Luxury Vinyl Flooring lives up to the name with comfortable, textured planks that capture the look of wood and stone. It’s low maintenance, waterproof, and incredibly durable. It’s perfect for common areas and high traffic zones in your home.

There are always thousands of visitors who walk through Fieldstone Homes model homes and the floors remain looking brand new.

The picture shows a model home with LVP, featured in a recent Parade of Homes event.

New Floors for a New Home

When it comes to deciding what type of flooring to purchase for your home, high-quality flooring is always a great idea. You spend a lot of time on your floors. Flooring options are hard to change in the future, that’s why starting off with brand new flooring in a sparkling clean house is the only way to go. Having new, clean flooring you’re guaranteed not to find toenails from the previous owner.

First impressions say a lot. 

Some call it an entryway way, some call it a foyer; whatever your term for it, the entrance to your home is a crucial element of your interior. Don’t nice new floors look appealing?

Even if you pay more upfront for your beautiful flooring, you are likely going to save money down the road because you won’t have to replace your floors or do an expensive upgrade.

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This story contains sponsored content.

This story contains sponsored content.