(Good Things Utah) – Getting into the Holiday mood wouldn’t be the same without festive decorations. Trolley Square is the best place in Salt Lake to find your holiday decor.

Whether you are entertaining for Christmas, New Years, or anything in between, Trolley Squares mix of storefronts has you covered. Throughout the mall you can find decor for gathering areas, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and all areas of your home. Find Festive decor at stores like, Alice Lane, Pottery Barn, Olive & Cocoa, Williams-Sonoma, Vecchio, Cabin Fever, and Machine Age.

Every store has a unique offering that will make your house feel ready for entertaining your family. The quality of brands and services hasn’t changed one bit in one of Utah’s best outdoor malls. As part of Utah’s heritage for over 100 years, Historic Trolley Square continues to offer great shopping, dining and entertainment in a charming atmosphere.

Historic Trolley Square is located in downtown SLC, utah. Originally erected by successful railroad tycoon E. H. Harriman in 1908, Trolley Square was the home of the Utah Light and Rail Company trolley car barns. Converted into a festival marketplace in 1972, trolley square is now the home of several high-scale, luxury tenants.

Find out more by visiting Trolley Square.

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