Why fad diets don’t work

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Summer is right around the corner and if you’re trying to get your swimsuit body ready but not having the greatest success, it could be the way you’re going about losing weight. 

Dr. Kristen Kells, DC, BSc, Chiropractic Physician, explained that fad diets don’t work and how many people end up spending large amounts of change to lose weight and ultimately gain it back.

So instead of quick fixes, Dr. Kells shared stories, including her own, of people who have seen real results with her program. She explained that losing weight is a lifestyle change. This means you need to learn what to eat and how to keep the weight off after you’ve hit your goal. 

Life happens… family, kids, pets and work, things are going to get in your way but you can change your goals and mindset to achieve the best body for you!

Visit drkellsweightloss.com or call (385) 217-6368 for more information. 

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