Growing up we all have an idea of what our dream car might be, whether it’s a rugged outdoor SUV or a fancy smooth-riding sedan. As we get older our lives change and what we want or need from a car changes too. We think of whats functional rather than what we want. Does the car have room for a family? Maybe you need additional cargo space or you need it to get outstanding gas mileage. The point is, whether you are looking to buy something closer to your dream car or perhaps more on the functional side, finding and financing the right used car is easier than ever.

Markosian Auto prides itself on helping you find a car you love at the most competitive pricing and financing available. Whether your credit score is over 700 or under 550, they will arrange the best financing out there or finance you themselves. They arrange financing through the area’s top banks and credit unions or if you don’t qualify there’s always their in-house financing. Believe it or not, there are some lenders that will charge over 20% interest for an auto loan and that’s is why Markosian Auto finance cars themselves.

You can choose from any one of their 80 point checked, fully certified and warrantied vehicles. They have locations in Taylorsville, Ogden, and Layton with a large variety of vehicles ready for you to take home. Car buying has never been so easy with Markosian Auto.

Call 801-886-1700 or visit Markosian Auto for more information.

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