(Good Things Utah) – With so much activity in home buying, some have chosen to continue renting until the market cools off. People stick to renting because it is the path of least resistance – It’s comfortable and they know it. But is it a good idea – Especially if you qualify to buy a new home?

The benefits of buying a new home in a brand new community are huge. Let’s cover them. There are many types of homebuyers with unique demands. Great location, price, design, and type of lifestyle are just a few.

3 Key Items that Determine What to Buy

 1. Get What You Want

Don’t be held back by a rental property or even an existing home. Buy new and get more of what you want.  Sell your existing home and build. It can be fun. 

Get 95% of what you want instead of settling for more like 50% of what you want. If your home is old, you are definitely settling in design and more importantly functionality. 

2. Price

Remember, you buy and sell in the same market. Get ready to buy a new home and get ready to sell your existing home. It only makes sense. If you are downsizing, then you reap the rewards of capturing a lower payment.

For renters, it seems like renting is the easiest solution, but you don’t set the price. If you buy a new home, your payments are locked in and you don’t need to avoid your landlord because they want to raise your rent. Your rent will definitely go up over time so there isn’t a financial benefit.  Take advantage of low rates and low-down programs. 

3. Lifestyle

One of the benefits of homeownership is the lifestyle. It’s shown by NAR that home ownership increases deeper roots in most areas of life for more stability in communities and in the home. 

Grand Opening of Canyon Point at Traverse Mountain

Fieldstone Homes have a brand-new community in Traverse Mountain with a huge party this weekend to kick it off. You must stop by and see for yourself! 

Free J-Dawg hotdogs, free Fieldstone Homes mugs, and creamy hot chocolate. This location is at the top of the mountain and the most sought after in the area with all-new architecture and designs. Located up Hidden Canyon in Lehi, Utah. The Canyon Point community features new transitional homes, incredible views of Utah Valley, and amazing amenities in your own backyard.

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Look at all the new designs. They have three more communities coming up over the next couple of months.

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