(Good Things Utah) As our housing market steadily develops here in Utah, so too does the need for affordable living options in our ever-growing state. While costs are currently higher than ever, many are seeing the value in owning a property rather than renting. Because housing is so limited right now, owning property in this booming economy can be an invaluable financial investment for anyone ready to make a purchase soon.

As buying is the more cost-effective option for homeowners, experts with Fieldstone Homes argue that buying brand new is an even better choice. Having built over 6,000 homes in the Greater Salt Lake area over the last several decades, Fieldstone has found great success in giving buyers the option to design their new homes themselves, as they’re being constructed.

By building brand new instead of buying previously owned property or renting, experts say homeowners will have several advantages:

  • Warranties
  • Cutting-edge features
  • Latest styles & trends
  • Customization
  • Space to grow

Having amassed a collection of 12 communities in the state, Fieldstone has prioritized each of its homeowners’ comfort and lifestyle in these communities above all else.

Daybreak Cascade Village

Having established communities throughout Utah, Fieldstone has very recently unveiled a brand new community called Daybreak Cascade Village in South Jordan. Its new builds are spacious, with the overall area coming up to 3,500 square feet for larger models. Crafting each home with cutting-edge experiences in mind, the Daybreak Cascade Village community will feature 8 new floor plans and a wide variety of styles from contemporary to modern.

“This is a farmhouse model,” remarks Josh Lee with Fieldstone Homes. “As you can see, it’s done beautifully and we’ve tried to stay within a price point that’s affordable for the general public.”

Homes in this community are all fitted with bold, yet understated, fixtures and overall functional floor plans. The neighborhood’s urban vibe is made even better by its prime location, being nearby a quaint café, a vibrant lake, 30+ miles of trails, 50 outdoor parks, and several schools.

As a resident of Daybreak, Josh added: “…there’s just countless amenities that are so fun, and it’s a wonderful place to raise a family.”

For more information about Daybreak Cascade Village, go online to FieldstoneHomes.com.

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