(Good Things Utah) Any good interior designer will tell you that rugs are more than just accessories for our home’s floors. They play an essential role in any room because they define key spaces and overall work to tie a room’s furniture together. To create the best looks possible, it’s important to find rugs that are crafted to last with materials that feel natural to the touch.

For all the most luxurious home design options here in our state, Gatehouse No. 1 is a trusted choice with a strong reputation. Homeowners from around the nation will visit just to see the company’s 10,000-square-foot showroom and interior design studio in Orem.

The talented staff of designers at Gatehouse No. 1 can help with any room layout and will guide clients through the process of finding that perfect look.

In the wisdom of Stephanie Holdaway, Owner of Gatehouse No. 1: “Think of it as a piece of art. What style do you want your room to be? Because it can dictate where the rest of the room goes very quickly…”

Their showroom has an impressive selection of furniture and décor, including rugs of all styles, colors, and prices. No room is left out here either, as they can also outfit a space with custom furniture pieces made just for you.

Visit the showroom today in Orem at 672 S State Street.

Find inspiration by following along on social media at @gatehouseno1. To learn more and browse online, go to GatehouseStyle.com.

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