(Good Things Utah) With all the amazing sights and sounds at the Utah State Fair this year, we still made time to count sheep. In this case, we were lucky enough to meet two friendly sheep named Queen B and Princess Bubbles — each raised by Knox Dallin, a talented young sheep farmer from Box Elder County.

Since 1902, the Fair has been hosted at the Utah State Fairpark & Event Center — a vast 65-acre venue that’s seen everything from small gatherings such as company parties, weddings, and corporate meetings to large events such as festivals, major concerts, rodeos, skateboard world championships and, not to forget, the annual Utah State Fair.

The Utah State Fair is running from September 8th through September 18th, with a jam-packed roster of entertainment. This season, Knox is competing with his beloved companions in the Utah State Fair Sheep Showing. He’s cared for these sheep since they were born, keeping them fed and healthy.

According to Knox Dallin: “Every day we work with them so they know what they’re doing…”

Another one of the animals there for visitors to meet and greet this year is a sweet female cow named Harley. For years now, Harley has traveled the country meeting with visitors of all ages and educating them on the daily routines of a dairy cow.

As visitors learn more about Harley, they get to also watch live milking demonstrations (when appropriate), pet her. and even feed her. Harley is currently pregnant, meaning all the food and nourishment she gets goes to sustain her and her baby calf.

To browse all the events at the Utah State Fair, click the link here.

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