(Good Things Utah) An inclusive performance of a long-time classic film is soon to be premiering at The Ziegfeld Theater this summer. The Wizard of Oz follows young Dorothy Gale as she travels from her home in Kansas to the magical Land of Oz.

This performance, held from August 12th through September 3rd in Ogden, features a diverse and talented cast of stage and voice actors working together to share the beloved story with the audience. To make it an even more magical experience for audience members, the production is performing the play in American Sign Language (ASL) as well as Spoken English. For deaf audience members, this means they can enjoy the show without an interpreter — as each English-speaking actor will sign.

“It’s such an amazing classic show,” remarks Director and Executive Producer Caleb Parry. “We thought what a wonderful experience to be able to do The Wizard of Oz and be inclusive of our deaf people in our communities.”

Actor Britton Auman — playing The Scarecrow as one of the three deaf cast members in The Wizard of Oz — works in tandem with a voice actor to bring the character to life. The two have been working for months to perfect the upcoming performance.

According to Britton: “My voice actor works very well with me, for my style, which I think provides a really pleasant experience for both the sign and spoken audience.”

This thrilling adaption of the familiar tale will also feature the iconic musical score from the original MGM film, giving audiences young and old a magical experience to remember.

Ziegfeld Theater is located in Ogden at 3934 S Washington Blvd.

To learn more and purchase tickets for a performance between August 13th and September 3rd, go online to zigarts.com.

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