SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — When lunch becomes a routine of poor eating and we find ourselves on a first-name basis with the cashiers of our local fast-food chain, it’s clear we need to look for a healthier midday alternative. If you’re ever in the Wasatch Front, a long-standing restaurant called Wriggles Wraps is a must-try spot for healthy in a hurry.

Serving delicious wraps to the community for over 22 years now, Wriggles is a hidden gem in Murray with a reputation for quality. This year, the deli has even been recognized with a Best of SLC award in the Top 3 Fast Casual Restaurant category.

What’s their secret? Most regulars agree it’s their flatbread — freshly made in-house with no saturated fats, shortening, lard, preservatives, or additives. Paired with their slow-roasted meats made to order every day and you’ve got a wholesome meal with a signature flavor.

Customers can choose from a variety of handcrafted wraps including Turkey Bacon, BBQ Pork, Breakfast, and a ‘build-your-own’ option. Once complete, these wraps are put into cups for added convenience. Other popular selections include lettuce wraps and salads that go perfectly with their house-made dressings.

In all, a combination of fresh flavors and naturally filling ingredients offer up a tasty alternative to our traditional meal on the go. Visit their website to browse the menu and learn more.

As she makes her way through our state’s most mouth-watering meals, Katy Sine from Taste Utah visited the restaurant to experience it for herself.

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