(Good Things Utah) Any good adventure requires a balanced body and mind. This all starts with a natural diet, giving our systems the nourishment needed to help us explore life to the fullest. And to visit all the stunning landscapes around Utah, there’s a need for proactive nutrition.

Locals have found this nutrition in Guest Haus — a premier juicery and café nestled among the mountains of Park City. Known best for serving ‘high vibes at high altitude’, Guest Haus offers some of the highest quality cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, natural meals, salads, and more for visitors to enjoy in a casual atmosphere.

Fresh and locally-sourced ingredients are fused into the foods and beverages at Guest Haus for uniquely healthy and delicious flavors.

Its famous juices use organic fruits and vegetables to detoxify the body, aid digestion, raise energy, and improve overall health. These same effects can also be said for Guest Haus’ signature smoothies that combine a flurry of wholesome ingredients into each formula. Add-ins like spirulina, chia, collagen, and other superfood greens provide a powerful punch to any smoothie choice.

In addition to savory salads, Guest Haus also offers body-boosting bites like Overnight Oats, Sandwiches, and satisfying soups like Butternut Squash Coconut Curry or Sweet Potato Carrot Ginger. A relaxed selection of Lattes and Coffees are also available to order at Guest Haus.

For details on the entire menu, go online to GuestHausPC.com.

Katy Sine from Taste Utah was welcomed with open arms when she paid a visit to this heaven for health and wellness. You can check out other amazing eateries around the state by tuning in every Sunday at 9:30 AM on ABC4 Utah.

To learn more, go online to TasteUtah.com.

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