Why do we garden with soil, yet it gets on our clothes or on our bodies, it’s annoying dirt? Well, its because there is a difference between soil and dirt.

Dirt is rocky, silty, and barren of any nutrients that healthy plants need to grow. If you add water to a handful of boring old dirt, it will not compact well, if at all. Because of these qualities, dirt does not make a good gardening medium.

Soil on the other hand is a dynamic, living environment that’s perfect for cultivating new plants in your garden. It’s full of organic life forms living and composting, their remains, and even waste products. As such, soil is rich with nutrients and minerals, making it an excellent base for seedlings and fragile plants.

Here’s an easy way to remember the difference as a gardener. Soil is not dirt. Soil is what we grow plants in. Dirt is what collects on the furniture or under your nails.

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