(Good Things Utah) Utah is chock full of beautiful landscapes to explore. In Southern Utah, visitors come from all over the nation to spend time in the red rocks of Moab — just a short drive from the ever-popular Arches National Park, where adventurers get to navigate the mountains and gaze in awe at the massive red arches along the way.

Kait Thomas from the National Park Service says: “It has the highest concentration of arches on Earth — so there are over 2,000 spans all greater than 3-feet across. It’s just an incredible landscape of swirling sandstone, you can see the mountains in the distance. Just a spectacular sight.”

Arches Timed Entry

Over the last decade, visitation to Arches National Park grew over 66 percent, from 996,312 to 1,659,702 visitors every year. This dramatic rise in visitation has increased entrance line wait times, congested parking lots, and crowded trails, which makes for a worse visitor experience, safety, and park resources.

“…we at the National Park Service want as many people as possible to come to visit and enjoy their national parks,” added Kait. “So what we’ve done this year is we’ve implemented something called Timed Entry…what that means is, to go into the park, you need to get a reservation in advance. That reservation allows you entry into the park at a specific date and specific time.”

The National Park Service has launched this initiative with the hopes of spreading visitations throughout the season so they can mitigate the overcrowding and give visitors a better experience. All visitors entering the park will need:

  1. Timed Entry Ticket
  2. Photo ID
  3. Park Pass or Entrance Fee

Visitors to the park can still expect to wait a while in line at the entrance, but temporary closures have now been eliminated. Arches National Park accepts entry into the park between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., with visitors encouraged to plan the trip well ahead of time — as the reservations go live three months in advance.

For more information, go to nps.gov/arch or recreation.gov.

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