(Good Things Utah) With the remarkably high demand and low supply for vehicles right now, dealers and buyers, alike, are slowly adapting to the “new normal” buying experience. “The market that we’re in right now is going to be around for a while,” remarks Scott Hardy with Utah Honda Dealers. “Probably, at least, through the end of 2022.”

Despite a regular supply coming in, the pressure from customers for new vehicles this year is larger than ever before.

“…the manufacturers are building a lot of new vehicles — they’re literally arriving daily. But the demand is so high that you’re not going to see them sitting on a lot… it’s every new car dealership.”

So what’s the best way to navigate the new vehicle market we’re in right now? According to Hardy: “Whatever works best for you. We all have websites you can go onto that have a ‘buy it online’ process there. You can chat and email back and forth to get information. You’re also welcome to come to the dealership.”

With a short supply of specific vehicles for customers, there are still plenty of cars to test drive and compare.

“Most of us have vehicles that you can look at, so you can drive and get a sense for what might work best for you,” he adds. “It might be one of our loaner vehicles, or we might, on rare occasions, have the new vehicle that you want sitting there.”

For new cars that require an order and deposit, Utah Honda Dealers strive to make the process as easy as possible. “It doesn’t take months to get a vehicle. Some of them might, for certain brands. But for Honda specifically, most people are waiting a couple of weeks.”

To browse a wide variety of Honda vehicles online, find them at UtahHondaDealers.com or go to a Utah Honda dealership near you.

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