What parents need to know about youth sports injuries

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(GTU) – School is back in session and fall sports are here!

Kids are hitting the field in groves anxious to get started playing football, soccer, and running track. Others head inside for volleyball and basketball practice. Unfortunately, the start of a new season also means an increase in sports-related injuries.

While parents, coaches, and kids try to aim to prevent them, it is still good to know what injuries most commonly affect young athletes. Fortunately, most are minor and have a short recovery time and include things like sprains and strains, fractures/breaks in the bone, shin splints, and other overuse injuries. For more specific, severe, or long-lasting injuries, young athletes might have to seek more specialized care.

Orthopaedic Injury Clinic

Joy English, MD, is a member of the Sports Medicine Division and the Medical Director of the Orthopedic Injury Clinic within the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Utah. She joined Good Things Utah to talk about the most common sports injuries.

Dr. English provides care for patients with a variety of orthopedic conditions and spends a portion of her time performing ultrasound-guided procedures. She plays a role in the education of medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty in the area of musculoskeletal medicine.

In the evenings, Dr. English and her colleagues at the University of Utah Orthopaedic Center care for patients of all ages in the Orthopaedic Injury Clinic which serves as an after-hours clinic providing care for patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries. The Orthopaedic Injury Clinic can treat fractures, dislocations, joint injuries, and other orthopaedic pain that needs immediate care.

Visit Orthopaedics Injury Clinic now to learn more.

If your child experiences a fall sports injury, please make a same-day appointment with the Orthopaedics Injury Clinic at the University Orthopaedics Center and come see an Orthopaedic specialist.

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