What kind of mental health issues are kids dealing with right now?

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Children can develop the same mental health conditions as adults, but their symptoms may be different. Here are some facts that you mind find startling:

Did you know that 1 out of 6 kids ages 6-17 will experience a mental health disorder this year? Half of all lifetime mental illness begins by age 14, and 75% by age 24. Finding the root of the issue and treating mental illness as soon as possible is really important to the long terms health of children

Suicide is also the second leading cause of death among people age 10-34 and only 25% of Utah teenagers with mental health diagnoses receive adequate mental health care.

Here are 7 signs should parents look for in their kids/teens?

  1. Changes in behaviors
  2. Seeming on edge/irritable
  3. Sleep issues
  4. Withdrawing and isolating
  5. Persistent fears and worries that wont go away even with repeated reassurance
  6. Not wanting to do things that they have previously enjoyed
  7. Changes in energy levels

Kids always do best with routine and consistency, which COVID has disrupted, now for the third school year in a row. It is best to always be clear when communicating with children. Ambiguity can lead to multiple interpretations of instructions. Make sure to make home a safe place for kids to express how they are feeling.

Mental illness in children can be hard for parents to identify. As a result, many children who could benefit from treatment don’t get the help they need. Understand how to recognize warning signs of mental illness in children and how you can help your child.

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