What it means to live independently at a senior living home or retirement community

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(Good Things Utah) – One of the most sought-after perks of independent living is freedom from chores associated with homeownership and having the ability to occupy your time with a variety of things.

Ovation Sienna Hills is special because they offer true independent living for senior residents. This means that seniors can move to Ovation as independent, active seniors, and go through the continuum of care when it’s appropriate for them.

Independent residents at Ovation Sienna Hills enjoy having the peace of mind of living in a community where there are neighbors and Ovation team members close by, while also enjoying activities and events that are specifically created for active seniors.

The independent living Ovation encourages is special, too, because they offer the same, no-hassle experience as other retirement homes, like housekeeping, concierge services, a personal driver, access to physical and occupational therapists, and much more. It’s a low-hassle way to transition into senior living.

Ovation Sienna Hills Amenities

Ovation Sienna Hills is truly upscale. There is something for everyone. They have three restaurants for independent living residents to enjoy, each with their own distinct and special menus, and they have daily specials for every meal—which means residents always have variety in their dining experiences.

The state-of-the-art wellness center, with high-tech equipment and a physical therapist and occupational, comes staffed with full-time therapists. They take care of the heavy lifting by providing weekly housekeeping and routine maintenance, so it’s truly hassle-free living.

A personal driver can take residents anywhere they want to go. They have a salon on-site that offers hair services, nail services, and massage therapy. More than 40 percent of the Sienna Hills community is a common space, so residents can enjoy daily movie showings in their grand theater, play some pool in Cassidy’s, the gaming space, and enjoy phenomenal views at the rooftop club. Ovation Sienna Hills also offers a full bar downstairs where you’ll find Starbucks Coffee!

A day at Ovation Sienna Hills

The community has a really good mix of residents. Many of them have lived in Utah for most of their lives, and equally as many have moved here from another state. They have a good mix of couples and singles and male and female residents.

At Ovation, they really foster a social lifestyle. They have resident ambassadors who are key in making sure new residents feel welcome at truly at home in their new residence. On any given day, there are 4-5 activities going on for residents to enjoy, and it’s amazing to see everyone come together during lunch and dinner—those are their most popular times at the restaurants. It’s a happy, upbeat environment at Ovation.

When someone new moves in, it is always announced so that everyone can make an effort to welcome the new resident. “I’m bored,” is not something residents at Ovation often say! That’s one of the biggest draws to independent senior living for folks—it has a built-in social network and environment. So staying active mentally and socially is extremely easy.

Those living at Ovation are part of a larger community, surrounded by a well-planned urban development full of family homes, vibrant shopping, and natural wonders. 

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