Continuing our holiday gift guide, Symphony Medical Spas joined GTU today to talk about warm sculpting. A non-invasive fat reduction treatment that addresses stubborn fat. Using a certain wavelength of laser, it removes fat over the course of 12-weeks. Unlike Cold Sculpting, it destroys the fat cells through warmth. It takes about 25-minutes and results in the loss of about 25% of the fat from a single area. It is, however, recommended that users get treated at least twice, typically resulting in approximately 41% of fat loss. It is anticipated that the full results are visible after 12 weeks of treatment. Being non-invasive, it also offers no downtime with no pain.

They’re offering a Black Friday deal today: 30% off on all fat melting, wrinkle reduction, and skin resurfacing treatments for procedures purchased on 11/29/2019.

2376 North 400 E, Suite 103
Toeele, UT 84074