What is the “Everyday Entrepreneur” Program?

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The Mill at Salt Lake Community College has focused on a program in the pandemic for those who want to be a successful entrepreneur. The Everyday Entrepreneur Program at the college is specifically designed for those who are ready to launch their passion as an entrepreneur. 

The program can take students from zero to their new company launch in as little as 12 weeks and can provide up to $8,000 per qualified student for their new business idea. SLCC wants to capitalize on the educated, hard-working visionaries in Utah who have a get-it-done approach to challenges and adversity. That’s why even in a pandemic, Utahns see hope. And they have company. Pastdownturns have produced Airbnb, Disney, Microsoft, Uber, Venmo, and many others. Why can’t this pandemic be the start of something great?

Sandra Elggren-Farish, Entrepreneur/Founder of Funky Oats knew how to make food but had no idea how to run a business. After joining and completing the program, Sandra had developed the skills necessary to get her business off the kitchen counter and into the oven, learning finances, taxes, marketing, and more. SLCC has numerous stories of successful business launches. Their entire effort is to help each participant become fully equipped to run a successful business. Over half a million Utahns are employed by 280,000 small businesses in the state. So, this is a big deal for Utah’s economy.

Go to slcc.edu/allin for more information on how to register for the class, which is currently free under the Learn and Work in Utah program.

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