(Good Things Utah) – There is no other food on the market that makes that distinct noise of a well-crafted cheese curd does. There is a lot of science behind why the cheese squeaks, but the most impressive thing about this simple treat is how good it tastes.

Cheese curds are basically a younger cheddar. Cheese curds are created early in the cheesemaking process. Rather than pressing these cheese curds into large blocks for processing and aging, cheesemakers simply end the process here—giving us the adorable, bite-size cheese curds we know and love.

Made fresh daily, you can enjoy the firm, springy texture and mild flavor of their famous cheddar cheese curds. The famous “squeaky cheese” is best served at room temperature. You can enjoy these as an on-the-go snack right out of the bag or as delectable bites on a cheeseboard.

The dedicated, local family farm-owners are what makes The Creamery and the cheese curds so special. They work tirelessly to bring fresh and wholesome dairy to tables every day. For many of them, it’s a passion that’s been passed down for generations — and one that they’re committed to passing down for many more.

About The Creamery in Beaver

Dairy is at the core of everything the creamery does. They place an intense focus on creating the most wholesome products that start when the sun rises, and the first drop of milk falls at the neighboring family farms that supply them with high-quality dairy. The products found at The Creamery are real — real dairy with real nutrients, enjoyed by real people looking for more than just a simple meal.

If you’re thinking: it’s time to buy some cheese curds or you simply have an itch for some absolutely delectable dairy products, The Creamery in Beaver County is your one-stop destination for everything creamy and delicious.

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Visit The Creamery’s website or get directions to their beautiful location and see the process for yourself.

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