The body requires a certain number of calories to function and maintain health. When you consume more calories than you need, these excess calories are converted to fat the body stores and can lead to obesity. When the body temperature rises and increases energy production, is going through a process called thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is the process by which the body produces heat accelerating metabolism, body temperature rises, and the fat used to break energy and burning calories. Thermogenesis can be reached through the following methods: a balanced diet, exercise, and exposure to cold.

SculptICE is a natural breakthrough product that freezes and breaks down fat cells thru thermogenesis; allowing sculpting and fat removal of unwanted fat through the lymphatic system.

SculptICE offers a treatment based on natural thermogenesis, this has the effect of activation of internal blood flow, resulting in the disposal of toxins, firms, tones, activates the production of collagen and elastin, oxygenate and revitalizes skin, dissolving fat deposits, so skin looks increasingly firm and smoothens cellulite-free.

This treatment has been proven to be an effective body sculpting product that offers immediate results. It eliminates unwanted fat, sculpts the body, rejuvenates the skin, and promotes weight loss. These are just a few of the benefits of SculptICE.

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