What is memory care and when should you consider it for your loved ones?

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(Good Things Utah) – When is a good time to consider memory care for a loved one?

Riley Billings, the Memory Care Executive Director at Ovation Sienna Hills discussed all things memory care, and when is a good time to consider memory care for a loved one. Riley, a certified dementia practitioner, talked about ways Ovation makes the transition easy for everyone involved. This is where the use of new tech really shines at Ovation.

Memory Care at Ovation Sienna Hills

Memory Care is a type of residential senior living for folks who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or another memory deficit condition. Residents in memory care are those who have a range of needs.

Some of them need assistance with every aspect of their daily life—others are a bit more high-functioning. It’s important to get an expert opinion on whether or not your loved one is appropriate for memory care. At Ovation, everything is extremely personalized for each resident. They have a recreational therapist team that works 1-1 with residents and absolutely loves seeing them light up during activities.

The apartments are always really surprising to people too. They have extremely high ceilings, fabulous large windows, and a lot of space. It’s not your average memory care apartment—that’s for sure.

Ovation Sienna Hills has a Certified Dementia Practitioner

As a certified dementia practitioner, Riley Billings has seen a lot of different families in a lot of different situations. The transition can be really difficult for some family members. It is always a relief to family members—sometimes it’s immediate relief, while it takes others a bit longer to get there mentally.

However, knowing their loved one is living in a community where they can be cared for, appreciated for who they are, and loved in a really safe and nurturing environment always brings a sense of relaxation. There are usually a lot of people in the family who are involved and who have a lot of questions and concerns. Ovation really aims to help them by listening and showing empathy and compassion.

Many people on the team have personal experience with a loved one who has a memory deficit diagnosis. When you realize you’re there to be a resource for them and hold their hands along the way, it’s all simple really. Ovation wants to make it as easy as possible, and we fulfill that role by just being there—in whatever way that looks like.

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