(Good Things Utah) Climbing out of the depths of depression is no small task. Our mental health plays a crucial role in daily life, and without it, there can be no thriving. And this becomes even harder when overwhelming challenges like PTSD and addiction are involved.

With over 15 years of primary care experience in tow, Restorative Health was founded to improve the overall health and well-being of our Utah community.

Offering affordable and customized holistic care to each patient, the practice focuses on health promotion rather than disease management. This belief is setting a new standard for medicine with signature treatments including Hormone Therapies, Hair Loss Treatments, and one of its most popular, Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

As a medical tool, Ketamine is used to stimulate the brain — including neuroreceptor sites — and facilitate the growth of new connections. Research has found Ketamine can cause a significant reduction in symptoms of depression. These findings are from a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry in September of this year.

Largely consistent with past studies, 72% of patients saw improvement in their mood and 38% were symptom-free after 10 infusions.

According to Rita Rutland, APRN, co-founder and Medical Director at Restorative Health: “It allows you to detach from your emotional and physical response to trauma and be able to work through it… This is a medication that’s been around for over 60 years… Its safety profile is very well established.”

Ketamine is used for a variety of conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, and Bipolar disorder. “There’s something about the perspective that it helps create with people,” remarks co-founder Spencer Stevens.

Infusions are performed through IV Drip Therapy, Intramuscular Therapy (injection), Nasal Spray, and Troche Therapy.

Patients are reviewed before therapy to ensure medical histories and current medications are suitable for this treatment.

Restorative Health can be found at 850 East 9400 South Suite 201 in Sandy, Utah.

To learn more, go online to RestorativeHealthPrimaryCare.com or call/text them at 385-449-0565.

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