Dixie State University has announced a new primary focus for the southern Utah university. The announcement promises an open, inclusive, and comprehensive polytechnic university as part of their 2020-2025 strategic plan, Trailblazing Distinction. Dean Eric Pedersen, Dixie State’s dean of Science, Engineering & Technology invited Nicea DeGering to learn all about how it will shape the direction of the institution for the next five years.

Polytechnic refers to an institution of higher learning that offers courses in many subjects, especially vocational and technical.

Dixie State will offer transformative, hands-on, experiential, high-impact learning opportunities and have a greater impact on their students, humanity, and fulfilling area workforce needs. They’ll move to offer intensive science, technology, engineering, and math programs while continuing to offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs that integrate a liberal arts education and engage the community. Dixie State has also decided to extend educational opportunities to those who may otherwise not have the opportunity to continue their education as the only open and inclusive polytechnic-focused university in the U.S.

As an example of polytechnic experiences, DSU students have the opportunity to work with State and National Parks to collect analytics on park activity. By using technology, DSU students can conduct visitor counts to help the parks and improve visitors’ experiences. DSU students will also track analytics such as how many people visit each day historically, usage of each, and parking availability that will eventually be shared via a mobile app.

The plan’s polytechnic focus will not only prepare students to be qualified workers for a sector that is rapidly growing nationwide but also will set their graduates up for fulfilling careers and lives.

LINK: Learn more at Dixie State University.

Link: To read the complete strategic plan, please visit Strategic Planning Dixie State.

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