(Good Things Utah) Helping design some of the most gorgeous homes in Utah since 1979, Gatehouse No. 1 has continued making dreams a reality for Utah homeowners in need of quality furniture pieces. With their 10,000-square-foot showroom and design studio located in Orem, they’ve become one of the premier destinations, attracting those with a keen eye for design.

When it comes to designing the living room, their extensive collection of sofas and sectionals gives every visitor the chance to find a beautiful choice for their interior space.

“…we have so much in stock all through our showroom floor. So you can come in, see it all, try it out, look at the fabrics, and design your own if you want to,” says Stephanie Holdaway from Gatehouse No.1.

Both durable and stain-proof, the performance fabric in every sofa means worry-free lounging at home. Featuring a team of talented designers, every guest who visits the showroom will get information they need to make the most informed choice.

If visitors don’t find their dream piece in the showroom, they can work with designers to custom-make their own; saving time on the search and ensuring their satisfaction when it arrives.

Stephanie adds: “Now is the best time. And our design team is here to help guide you with all these big decisions.”

Visit the Gatehouse No.1 showroom in Orem at 672 State Street. For more information or to browse online, go to GatehouseStyle.com.

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