Located in the world’s best backyard, Southern Utah University is the University of the Parks thanks to its close proximity to several outdoor recreational areas and its educational partnerships with the National Park Service. SUU is the only designated University of the Parks in the U.S. Within reasonable distance, students enjoy spectacular hiking, biking, water recreation, and once-in-a-lifetime outdoor adventures.

Southern Utah University is a dynamic teaching and learning community where students and staff immerse themselves in—and are inspired by—the diverse and stunning natural landscape that surrounds the campus. With nearly 20 National Parks, Monuments, and Recreation Areas within a five-hour drive of SUU, there’s something for every-one to enjoy. 

Its unique location also creates a strong academic atmosphere where students do not simply read names of plants and rock structures out of the book but are given the chance to see these wonders up close. Thunderbirds can study geology, biology, archeology, environmental psychology, and outdoor recreation. Everything students learn is augmented with hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

The Intergovernmental Internship Cooperative is the premier national partnership model in youth leadership and educational development for public land stewardship. IIC partners with 20 different agencies throughout Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Students accumulated 121,792 hours of professional development and leadership skills. The IIC places students on career pathways for high demand positions across all facets of public land management.

IIC agency partners mentor interns providing “real world” work experience that complements their academic pursuits and helps prepare students for successful careers.

To learn more about the Outdoor Recreation Program at a university close to so many natural wonders, visit Southern Utah University now!

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