What are the different types of Medicare coverage?

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(Good Things Utah) – What are the different types of Medicare plans and how do you choose the right one? Whether you’re planning on changing your Medicare plan during the open enrollment period this winter or need to enroll in Medicare for the first time, navigating through your different options can be overwhelming.

Rod Blanchard, Founder of Local Care joined the show to show us how he can help people navigate the world of Medicare insurance.

You may not need all of the various parts of Medicare, but it’s important to understand what each type covers so you can make an informed choice when choosing a new health plan.

 Types of Medicare Coverage

  1. Stand-alone Medicare
    • Usually reffered to as Part A and B.
    • Medicare Part A is one half of Original Medicare, the health insurance managed by the federal government, and is hospital insurance.
    • Medicare Part B is medical insurance, and is the other half of Original Medicare. It pays for medically necessary services that you need to diagnose or treat your condition that meet the accepted standards of care.
  2. Med Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans
    • This is an optional benefit that provides prescription drug coverage. With Medicare Part D, you can purchase a prescription drug plan (PDP) that fits your needs.
  3. Advantage Plans
    • Medicare advantage plans provide your Part A and Part B coverage and many times offer additional benefits. Private insurance companies approved by medicare run these plans.

Tools provided by Local Care’s program allow you to see, at a glance, what your out-of-pocket expenses will be when considering multiple healthcare plans.

With dozens of health insurance plans to consider and as many health profiles as there are people, you can count on Local Care to identify which plan is best.

Medicare annual enrollment starts period – November 15th – Dec. 7

For help, call 800-825-8052 or visit Local Care now.

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