What are the black lunch sacks kids have at school?

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Hunger is a real problem in Utah. More than 56,000 children along the Wasatch Front wonder if they will have food to eat today. The USANA Kids Eat program provides the framework to combat hunger, remove meal uncertainty, and challenge the community to join the cause. 

Even with the pandemic and food costing more, USANA Kids Eat is 100% dedicated to helping hungry kids in Utah get the meals they need. Michelle Benedict is the director there and joined Good Things Utah to share some of her concerns about food insecurity and the reason for their lunch bags being colored black.

School has started back up and that means there is a greater concern with feeding food-insecure students. Some students, mostly grades six and seven, tend to feel awkward or embarrassed to receive food bags each week. When kids are aware of the situation their family is in it can be even harder. “It’s can be a pride thing,” says Michelle. USANA Kids Eat came up with an ingenious solution to the bag problem.

The bags they distribute meals in are now completely black. No more brown paper bags or carriers branding the name USANA. The kids they help are a little less wary of carrying the black bags to and from school. The kids love having a stable source of food without the stigma of being poor. It also helps them reach their fullest potential in the classroom.

USANA wants people to know that almost 14,000 students in Salt Lake City schools don’t know where their next meal will come from.  They need your help to change this, one black bag at a time. You and your family or coworkers can volunteer to pack food or donate at the USANA Kids Eat Center in West Valley.

Go to USANA Kids Eat to learn more.

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