(GTU) – Moon waters are used by a lot of people for meditation, prayer, planning goals, studying, and clearing the home’s energy, but what is it?

The idea is that during a full and new moon when the tides and currents change, high and low tide forces are at their peak and pull a greater amount of energy. This energy governs the earth, cycles, and heartbeat of the planet. Real and useful moon waters start in the earth, then are lifted through evaporation, or fire, and then returned to earth during a full moon or new moon.

Dr. Juhl T. Helias uncovered this remarkable use of water when she was reading sacred manuscripts from the 1700s-1800s about alchemists who collected rainwater during the full moon for sacred rituals. Water is proven to retain the energy it’s charged with.

You can get some new full or new moon waters or learn more about it at the 15th annual Empower You Expo.

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Dr. Juhl T. Helias, Elements Of Light, PhD, Master Numerologist,  Spiritual Oracle, Minister of Metaphysics, will be launching her new product and patent-pending “Moon Waters” while offering mini sessions, tutorials, and information about her products and spiritual development. 

Dr. Juhl will be the presenting speaker on the main stage with both a panel and audience Q&A as well as an informational session on basic spiritual transformation skills and tools. 

Join the Empower You Expo with pagans, love & light-workers, psychics, mediums, and people from various spiritual centers regardless of the traditional norms as they celebrate the sacred and healing arts. It will be a day of self-growth, relaxation, rejuvenation, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

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