We couldn’t pick them all: Our 3 favorite creations from Farmstead Bakery

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If you’re just in Southern Utah for a visit, you’re lucky; Farmstead Bakery has become the relentless addiction of many a St. Georgian. Conceptualized to be reminiscent of a local European-style bakery, restaurant owners and food craft connoisseurs, Chris Herrin, Li Hsun Sun, and Chris Connors, opened Farmstead Bakery with a simple yet noble mission; feed people, enjoy good company, and above all, eat good food! Here are our three favorite menu items:

Cheese Danish

Sink your teeth into this and get ready to be whisked into cheesy, fluffy heaven.

Passion Fruit Coconut Donut

If you like sweet and citrus, this one might just take your breath away.

Turkey and Havarti Sandwich

Are you thinking, “It’s just a sandwich?” Well yes, you’re right, it’s just a sandwich. – The difference is in the bread.

Farmstead also serves croissants, danishes, pastries, pies, cakes, desserts, salad, and even pizza. The bakery is located in an ideal location for a quick pitstop on your way to Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, or even Snow Canyon State Park.

Make sure to visit Farmstead Bakery in Southern Utah.

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