School Districts are still scrambling to figure out the best way to educate children while keeping them and teachers safe. On Tuesday, Davis Country School District sent out a letter to parents letting them know that half the students who have opted to return to class will go in on one day, the other half will go in another.

For families with preschool-aged children, there’s another option to get them prepared at home and here to tell ABC4 viewers about it is Waterford Upstart national spokesperson, Kim Fischer.

Parents have been struggling to find ways to entertain and educate their kids so they don’t fall behind. It’s being called the COVID Cliff.

Kim Fischer with Waterford Upstart explains the COVID Cliff as:

  • Children deal with summer learning loss every year
  • Teachers spend weeks at the beginning of the year playing catch up
  • With COVID that loss is expected to be even more significant

Right now, at home parents can do the following to provide educational value:

  • For parents with younger children, we are offering early learning boost emails at no cost
  • They include academic material from our program
  • For older children, make sure they are reading
  • For all kids, keep them on a routine of some sort so they are prepared to return to school when schools re-open

This fall there are still plenty of parents who are afraid to send their children to school. Waterford Upstart offers:

  • Waterford Upstart – at home early education
  • We give parents all the tools they need to become a child’s first teacher
  • Adaptive curriculum 15 minutes a day 5 days a week, a computer, internet, a parent coach, and an app with push notifications that help you engage with your child offline and have important social/emotional discussions.

The great thing about Waterford Upstart is that it’s sponsored by the state so it’s no cost. Also, They will even provide a computer and internet to families who qualify.

Waterford Upstart will teach children:

  • The foundation of literacy
  • The average graduate walks into kindergarten reading at a nearly first-grade level
  • Provides confidence
  • Empowers parents to be a part of their child’s education

When can parents sign up and what do they need to know about Waterford Upstart?

  • Right now!
  • We want to let parents know we will not turn a single Utah family away
  • So no matter what you decide to do in a classroom, this is something you can do with your child at home.

For more information about Waterford Upstart or how to enroll, visit their website. You can also check out resources on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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