Fruit tress can act as an ornamental element to your gardens. Big rhubarb leaves can supply a lot of volume alongside other plants. Planting tomatoes with your roses can be a fun pairing. Inversely, you can find companion plants that function well with fruit trees. Onions or members of the onion family like garlic, will keep bugs away. Marigold is a very effective flower at deterring unwelcomed insects and it looks beautiful while doing it.

Another ornamental fruit tree is the dwarf peach tree. It only reaches human height but it gives you a beautiful addition with pink blossoms.

Editable plants also offer decorative value like cold crops such as leafy greens that can grow through the early spring cold.

Even root crops can work in a garden, like walla walla onions and leeks. A leek grows a beautiful stem up to a inch and half by the end of the season. Walla walla onions are one of the most sought after varieties. By the middle of May, Millcreek will also have around 70 different varieties of herbs that can be sprinkled into a line up.

You’ll find at Millcreek Gardens that fruit trees have been moving in and out of inventory as quick as can be. All kinds of varieties can be found from large to small and some for any kind of your gardening budget. As of today, Millcreek received 700 new fruit trees. Sometimes they can receive up to ten to twelve to twenty shipments a week.

LaRene Butler, owner of Millcreek Gardens, feels whatever fruit is in season at the time is the best fruit. As of today, Millcreek received 700 new fruit trees. Right now, that could be fresh apples, juicy peaches and sweet apricots. A trees fruit will be tastiest in it’s own harvest season.

Millcreek is always honored that so many planters and gardens choose to purchase from them. As a result, they are able to provide hundreds of varieties on their nurseries and gardens. Come into Millcreek Gardens, scan a QR code and choose which special request if you can’t find what you’re looking for. They also now offer the option for delivery.

You can visit them online to see their varieties and options

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