(Good Things Utah) – FeelLove Coffee is a coffee lover’s paradise. Its delicious artisan espresso and tantalizing blended coffee creations attract self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs from all over Utah. And there’s no wonder why.

As soon as you walk in the mouth-watering aroma of premium coffee flies up the canals of your unsuspecting nose. The menu is stuffed full of delicious and carefully crafted lattes with uniquely combined flavors such as lavender, vanilla, and honey-infused. This hip coffee joint surely knows what it’s doing.

You’ll never be disappointed with any of their menu items either. From their blended teas to Parisian pastries, and the wide selection of both organic, vegan, and gluten-free drink options, it truly is a cafe with something for everyone.

Their mission statement proudly announces that there is “magic in every cup.” It’s part of their logo, it’s printed on every cup, and every barista’s apron is adorned with it too. Too bad their claim to fame is a lie. There isn’t magic in every cup, rather there is magic in everything at FeelLove Coffee.

Find out more by going to FeelLove Coffee now.

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