(Good Things Utah) We’ve all been there before. Getting sick at the most inopportune time, and for whatever reason, an in-person visit is simply not an option… This has been an ongoing issue for decades, made even worse by the aftermath of the pandemic.

For those individuals getting care from University of Utah Health, a game-changing service aptly named Virtual Urgent Care (VUC) is helping them get the care they desperately need — when they need it. The service has been available since before the pandemic, with patients praising the service for how convenient it is to attend an appointment and the quality of the virtual visit they have.

Patients are often surprised by the variety of conditions that can be diagnosed, then treated, through a virtual meeting. The illnesses observed virtually by University of Utah Health include allergies, common colds, influenza, and much more. In some instances, more serious physical injuries still require an in-person consultation with a specialist, like lacerations, chest pain, shortness of breath, or broken bones.

Jonathan Chao with University of Utah Health says, “…with this Virtual Urgent Care, which is a good connection on a good device, we’ll be able to consult with a certified practitioner or a mid-level practitioner to see if everything’s okay. And if you do need medications, we can even send them to your neighborhood pharmacy.”

Through a virtual visit, patients can still visit with the same medical practitioner they’ve normally seen in person. Affected individuals can also receive care from specialists, as it’s simple for primary care doctors to prescribe and/or recommend treatment to them in the initial virtual visit.

“The nice thing, also, about Virtual Urgent Care is that you can select the time you want to be seen,” remarks Dr. Jennifer Vogt with U of U Health. “It can happen at the moment if there’s an available spot, but you can also choose — like if potentially three o’clock is better for you…”

Dr. Vogt also adds: “Anybody can use this. You do not have to be a patient at the University of Utah…And we do contract with insurances like we would for any primary care visit or specialty visit.”

For more information about Virtual Urgent Care, visit them online at uofuhealth.org/vuc.

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