(Good Things Utah) Driving a vehicle is a privilege afforded only once a learner has proven they have the knowledge and experience to safely operate it. So far on Utah roads this year there have been 32,707 reported vehicle crashes — a concerning number for parents with teens that are soon to be driving.

Inexperience behind the wheel is the number one reason teenage drivers get into crashes. For them to become responsible drivers, they must develop key driving skills learned through parental instruction.

Zero Fatalities — a Utah-based organization aiming to end crashes and fatalities on state roads — is helping our teens get off to a safe start as they begin to drive. The ‘Ready for Learner Permit’ section on their website offers parents and teens a wide variety of convenient resources including:

  • Teaching Your Teen To Drive: Online videos from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for various driving scenarios.
  • Graduated Drivers License Laws & Learner Permit Info: Key reference for new drivers to receive up-to-date information on road rules and regulations.
  • Tracking Your Teen’s Driving Hours: This downloadable web and phone app keeps track of students’ driving hours — required for attaining their final license.
  • Resources for Parents: A collection of handbooks, guides, workbooks, and driving agreements to assist during the learning process.

Experts emphasize that time spent driving with our teens plays a pivotal role in their success on Utah roads. Starting at age 15, teens need to start driving as soon as they can to build their confidence and overall competence.

“The first year — that is the most critical time and that’s when teens get in crashes the most,” remarks Stacy Allen with Zero Fatalities. “So the more experience they can get with their Learner’s Permit, behind the wheel, the better and safer they’re going to be as a driver.”

To learn more and make use of important learning resources, go online to ZeroFatalities.com.

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