(Good Things Utah) Valentines Day is quickly approaching. With all of the new concerns and possible restrictions in place, now is a good time to start looking at where you’ll want to take that hot date or love of your life to dinner. It’s never too early to start checking out restaurants and start checking to see if you need to make reservations.

Today, Katy with Taste Utah joined Nicea to talk about a few of her favorite places that she thinks would be perfect for any of our viewers to start looking OR hinting to that man in their life that they would like to check out!

First off, Let’s take a look at Provisions in Salt Lake County. They have implemented a mask mandate which is going to be expected at almost any place that you check out. In addition, they’re offering some to-go items if you’re wanting to try out something a little more secluded.

Provisions are located at 3364 S. 2300 E. Salt Lake City and they’re open for Brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM – 2 PM. Tuesday – Sunday 5 PM – 9 PM and Sunday and Monday Evenings 5 PM – 8 PM.

Provisions is an American craft kitchen offering modern cuisine in a neighborhood setting. Tyler Stokes is the Executive Chef and Owner. They have a passion for cooking and respect ingredients by keeping it simple. Working closely with the community and cooking with the seasons means that the Menu can be changed up regularly to serve the best ingredients when they are at their best.

For additional information about Provisions and to secure your reservation, you can visit their website.

Next, we are talking about The Lodge at Blue Sky in Park City. They are proud to unveil a special event: Usu-Zan by SingleThread.

The singular wintertime hot pot dining experience, inspired by Chef Kyle and Katina Connaughton and their many years living in Hokkaido, is a limited 10-day engagement that will run during Sundance. Usu-Zan is the name of the small, active volcano overlooking the remote village where the Connaughton’s lived and where they honed their education in farming, cooking, and warm hospitality.

The 7-course dinner’s main event will be a special donabe (pots made out of a special clay for use over an open flame in Japanese cuisine) hot pot to be shared amongst guests at the table.

This event will be available from January 20th – 30th and bookings will be available through Tock. Only 25 tables are available per evening with seating’s starting at 5:00 PM.

For more information and to reserve your table, visit their website.

Finally, we wanted to talk about the two restaurants that will be featured on Taste Utah this week which allows you to tune in and watch and learn all about them – Ginger Street and Communal!

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