Utah laboratory provides state-of-the-art COVID-19 testing

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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Beechtree Diagnostics was invited to expand offices in Anchorage, Alaska. Beechtree offers a comprehensive solution for COVID-19 testing with a focus on the highest quality science, automation, and sub-24-hour turnaround times.

Beechtree’s solution provides CLIA compliant, scientifically reliable testing at a cost and speed that allows organizations to more accurately make decisions to manage the COVID-19 health crisis.
Beechtree has been conducting high throughput RT-PCR testing for several months in their labs in Alaska and Utah, including State of Alaska testing, the Municipality of Anchorage, all the Alaska Airports, School districts, hospitals, prisons, drive-thru sites, the US Military, and the movie, oil, and commercial fishing industries.

Beechtree is also providing testing services in remote communities across Alaska and the Intermountain Region and developed robust processes and logistics from all over the US, supporting providers from Alaska to Virginia and California to Massachusetts.

Beechtree provides state-of-the-art high-throughput molecular testing for COVID-19 to help meet the needs of the state and organizations during this pandemic. Their automated molecular test has the highest available sensitivity and specificity, which allows them to provide highly reliable test results within 24 hours. Testing is extremely robust, using three different targets within the SARS-CoV-2 viral genome and a human gene internal positive control that ensures samples were properly collected—avoiding false-negative results.

Beechtree is fully committed to ensuring information flows seamlessly in a compliant manner while protecting privacy yet providing key insights to inform decisions – they are proud to serve the state with more than a test.

Beechtree Diagnostics provides customizable lab testing for the most discerning medical professionals. Visit Beechtree Diagnostics for more information.

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