Utah farmers quick innovation brought fresh food to millions, now they need our help

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(Good Things Utah) – Agriculture innovation is a big topic right now and it’s relative to food security, water stewardship, and conservation throughout Utah. What role do farmers play in all of this and what have they done already to advance the interest of our local food economy? The answer … everything.

Erin Sorensen and Rob Gibson share with us the mission of their foundation and some of the innovations of the farming industry that Utah has already put in place or should be looking at adopting in the near future.

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, fear and instability were introduced into the food chain for the first time for many American families. Many families in Utah also struggled with access to quality food. Farmers & ranchers were left without markets for their food, and families suffered because of it.

In both the good and hard times, Utah Farmers have always been passionate about feeding people and meeting the needs of their communities. Local farmers and families have been particularly impacted by this pandemic. As supply chains crumbled or closed down, farmers were left unable to sell their Utah-grown products. There was a massive problem that needed to be solved.

What came out of the pandemic to meet these two different needs can certainly be described as a ‘miracle’.

Utah Farm Bureau’s, Ron Gibson and Erin Sorensen of the Miracle of Agriculture Foundation explained that the Farmers Feeding Utah program was successful in relieving suffering, while supporting farmers, and paving the way for reconnecting of communities to the need for local agriculture. While the pandemic-born supply chain issues that inspired the Foundation to connect Utahns in need with safe and locally-grown food have been somewhat alleviated, the fact remains: thousands of hungry Utahns still need help.

About Farmers Feeding America

Rather than calling it a day, donors, farmers and volunteers remain dedicated to alleviating hunger with the foundation long-term. This program is a partnership between the Utah Farm Bureau and multiple statewide partnerships, including the Hunger Solutions Institute and Cogburn Wire Company.

The Utah Farm Bureau’s mission is to inspire all Utah families to connect, succeed and grow through the ‘Miracle of Agriculture’. They’re are asking you to help them grow a miracle. They value their charitable partners and rely on them to connect Utah food to the families who need it.

Farmers Feeding Utah wants to help the most people in need as possible. If you are a Utah producer or know one, please tell them about Farmers Feeding Utah.

Volunteer and be an integral part of the miracle or donate below.

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