(Good Things Utah) The date was December 23rd of 2018 and holiday cheer was in full swing in the state of Utah. Families were busy as ever; out shopping for last-minute gifts, preparing homes for guests, and — like the Seamons family from Northern Utah had planned — seeing the bright holiday lights downtown before Christmas day.

Devin, Jordin, and Layla Seamons would have their lives changed forever during the young family’s much-anticipated trip down to Salt Lake City. After a ten-minute drive south of home, holiday plans were halted abruptly when a young 19-year-old girl fell asleep at the wheel, crossing over three lanes of traffic and hitting the Seamons family head-on.

Despite their best attempts to avoid the collision, the family’s vehicle rolled six times before finally coming to a rest. Devin Seamons, loving husband and father would sadly lose his life in this accident, with his wife Jordin rushed to the hospital, and young daughter miraculously unharmed.

In literally a matter of just seconds, my whole entire life changed… Nothing can prepare you for that. And it was the result of one person’s choice…

Jordin Petersen Seamons, Survivor/Advocate

Overall there were 208 road-related fatalities in Utah, with the Seamons family’s loss included. This number remains numerous, with no sign of respite. In a strong effort to slow this rate of fatalities, if not stop it entirely, Jordin Petersen Seamons speaks often as an advocate for Zero Fatalities and their mission for safer Utah roads.

The next time you get behind the wheel. I beg you to think about the social contract you’re entering. Think about the hundreds of lives that are at stake if you choose to selfishly drive tired or in any way impaired.

Zero Fatalities, the campaign to end accident-related deaths in Utah, continues its outreach with the hopes to see a year with zero road fatalities. Working hand-in-hand with other safety partners like the Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Highway Patrol, Utah Department of Health, and more, the campaign has seen a noticeable decrease in state-wide fatalities since starting its efforts.

To hear more about Jordin’s story on YouTube, click the link here.

For more information, visit them online at ZeroFatalities.com.

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