(Good Things Utah) The condition of floors and carpets can make a world of difference in the overall appearance of our home. Experts recommend deep cleaning carpets once a year, but this can require even more attention if your carpets see extra activity.

While traditional shampooing appears to work on the surface, in the long-term it can give carpets a more aged and unkempt appearance. This happens because common detergents don’t come out of carpets during the rinsing process, leaving unsightly soap buildups you’ll notice get worse over time. If these buildups become severe enough, carpets could require replacing — ultimately a costly and time-consuming endeavor.

Zerorez has found the perfect solution in their patented Zr Clean process. By raising the pH level of water through electrolization, water becomes an all-natural detergent — cleaning carpets, rugs, and floors without causing unwanted buildup. This formulation is all-natural, absent any of the harmful ingredients seen in other products.

Then, using their Zr Wand, the Zerorez experts loosen and remove embedded dirt from the base of the fibers. Even better, this process is fast-drying — taking just a fraction of the time. Once dry, this process results in fresher floors.

Zerorez is now offering a special promotion: $33 per room, and get a 4th room cleaning at no cost using code: 4RMFREE.

To learn more and schedule your cleaning by visiting them online at ZerorezSaltLake.com or ZerorezDavisWeber.com.

Chat with an expert from Zerorez by calling them at (801) 288-9376.

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