(Good Things Utah) Our vision is a blessing not to be taken lightly. It affects all aspects of daily life, from simple tasks at home to meaningful memories with family. For all our sight does for us, it’s important to ensure they’re getting the highest level of care.

Here in Utah, one of the premier specialists in restoration surgery is Monson Vision. With over half a century of combined experience in advanced ophthalmology surgery and care, thousands of patients around the country trust Monson Vision with their eyesight.

The experienced team here is well-known in the industry, offering the highest quality results in procedures like Lasik, Laser Cataract, SmILE, and RLE.

One of the latest procedural innovations, EVO ICL, is opening up patients to a whole new level of visual freedom. This safe and effective solution has been FDA-approved, with Monson Vision being among the few centers in Utah that provide this advanced procedure. And with thousands of successful procedures already performed, Monson Vision is a world-class center with an acclaimed reputation.

EVO ICL delivers the sharpest vision possible, able to correct high levels of myopia, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. Overall, the procedure takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes with no downtime involved. It’s designed for to be a permanent vision solution, but can be removed if necessary.

Monson Vision is located at 810 S 100 W in Logan. To learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation, go online to MonsonVision.com.

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