(Good Things Utah) TRAILS (Technology Recreation Access Indepedence Lifestyle Sports) is a highly innovative adaptive program at the University of Utah Health’s Craig H. Neilsen Rehabilitation Hospital.

The goal of TRAILS is to maximize physical and mental health by focusing on year-round activities that participants with complex physical disabilities (such as stroke, tetraplegia, and other spinal cord injuries) can incorporate into a daily, active and independent lifestyle.

I’ve been working with the University of Utah now for 16+ years. We are heavily focused on sports and recreation education for individuals with complex disabilities… We’re really tapping into a population that typically doesn’t have a chance to do much — at least not independently.

Tanja Kari, Paralympic Cross-Country Skiing Champion
Tanja Kari, 10x Gold Medal Paralympian

What programs does TRAILS offer?

Sports & Recreation

  • Alpine skiing
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Water sports
  • Cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Swimming
  • Wheelchair Tennis
  • Race teams

Wellness & Support Groups

(TRAILS programs are FREE for participants)

What makes TRAILS different?

TRAILS maintains a huge fleet of equipment and technology that is customized to participants’ unique needs (stroke, tetraplegia, spinal cord injury, etc). The innovative technology used in TRAILS for sports, recreation, and lifestyle programs was designed and built at the University of Utah by students and faculty, then thoroughly tested through the TRAILS programs.

What’re core innovation technologies offered through TRAILS and why now?


The world’s only independent alpine ski for people with complex disabilities. Electric actuators provide independent turning and speed variability through the use of a joystick or breath control.

This spring TRAILS hosted the first TetraSki and Snow’Kart downhill race in the world at Powder Mountain: “The Brian McKenna TetraSki Express”, an annual event, that will take place each March at Powder Mountain.

Skiers with complex disabilities competed against each other in a timed giant slalom race. Plans are to host similar races across the country and the world in the coming years to see a TetraSki race being added as an event one day at the Paralympic Winter Games.

Tetra Watercraft:

The world’s first hybrid watercraft that can be independently sailed or electrically propelled by people with complex physical disabilities through the use of a joystick or breath control.

Beginning June 9, participants can participate for FREE in water sports such as kayaking and sailing and they can try out the Tetra Watercraft at East Canyon Reservoir. Families are invited to participate as well. 

For more info and to join in adaptive Water Sports & Cycling/Mountain Biking:



(801) 581-2526

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