Understanding depression: 3 common mistakes you need to know about

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Depression, anxiety, and stress are not very fun topics to talk about, but now that the holidays are over, more and more people are falling into it, especially with everything going on in the world right now. In fact, most people struggling with depression have major misconceptions and make major mistakes when trying to get through it.

There are three 3 common mistakes people make when it comes to understanding and treating depression:

Mistake #1) Not recognizing it for what it is. 

Depression has 6 different stages. Most people fail to recognize depression for what it really is unless they’re down in one of the bottom stages. They say things like, “I’m just feeling a bit off today..” or “I’m just not myself today,” without realizing that these are very real forms of depression. Once you recognize what it is you can do something about it.

Mistake #2) Taking a “one size fits all” approach

Because there are 6 very distinct stages of depression, what is an appropriate treatment in one stage can be completely ineffective in another. There is not a “one-size-fits-all” treatment approach to depression. Watching funny videos works great for someone in stage 2 of depression but not so much for someone in other stages. Exercising does wonders for someone in stage 5 of depression but won’t make much difference for someone in another. Using the proper tools and treatment options according to what stage of depression is when people start to feel the relief they were looking for.

Mistake #3) Not getting help 

A lot of people, especially guys, don’t think we need help. We try to just grit our teeth and get through it, and it doesn’t need to be that way. A major part of the process is getting help from a professional who knows how to identify which stage a person is in and help you get back to feeling like yourself as quickly as possible. When you’re experiencing depression at any stage, you’re not able to be the husband, wife, mother, father, worker, business owner, or provider that you could be. Stop trying to do it all yourself and GET PROPER HELP!

There is a solution. Feel Well Live Well is offering digital copies of two best-selling books (The UNdepressed Heart and Being Unhappy Sucks, So Stop It!) and a full treatment at any one of their clinics in St. George, Springville, Salt Lake, or Ogden for only $1. 

You know how everyone is trying to stay healthy right now? Most people are stressed about everything going on in the world right now, and everyone knows that stress weakens the immune system. That’s where Feel Well Live Well comes in. Have you ever been to a chiropractor before? 

What they do is a little different. There’s no cracking or popping and they do more than align the spine. As chiropractors, they do that of course, but they also strengthen your immune system and release the stress your body is holding onto so you can start feeling amazing. It does wonders for depression as well as back pain, headaches, day to day stress, and even weight reduction. 

Email Eric@FeelWellLiveWell.com right now with the subject “Relief” and include a phone number where a member of their staff can reach you to schedule your treatment at any of their 4 clinic locations. Spots will fill quickly, so act immediately! Stop trying to do this alone. Get their books and come in for a full treatment.

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