U.S Army Veteran is honored for his remarkable service off the battlefield

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(Good Things Utah) – This month’s Community Advocate is Cody Mitchell, a veteran who’s served 25 years in the United States Army. Cody deserves to be recognized for his selfless service to the country, but more importantly, for what he’s done since returning from the battlefield.

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Cody Mitchell was deployed to Iraq from 2003-2004. After returning home, Cody said he felt fine and didn’t think he had changed or experienced any PTSD from all of his time served. However, after about a year after he returned, his Mom let him know that he was a different person and he ended up getting treatment for his PTSD.

“The Army teaches you to be tough,” Cody said. This heavily instilled lesson, partnered with intense personal pride, kept Cody from asking for help, but he’s glad he did.

When he was deployed again in 2012-2013, this time with Steve Sorrels, to Afghanistan. When they returned from their stint abroad, Steve had a tough time readjusting and thankfully survived a suicide attempt. Though, the miraculous survival had unfortunate circumstances. The bullet that went through his chest had left him paralyzed. Faced with what seemed to be an insurmountable challenge, Steve now had to readjust to society without the use of his legs.

This led to Cody’s extraordinary dedication to the age-old mantra – “Leave no man behind.” Cody does what he can to help Steve (along with many other Veterans), providing emotional and physical support.

Cody went above and beyond taking care of Soldiers when we were deployed, even after he retired he’s stayed in touch with them and still helps anyone however he can.

Steve Sorrels comment on Cody Mitchell

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